The new, green way to be mosquito-free, fast.

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Now there’s a safe and easy way to protect yourself from mosquitoes. With EverSāfe™, you’ll create a bite-free zone in your yard, campsite, or any outdoor environment — without toxic foggers or harmful sprays, powders or residues. It’s the new, green way to be mosquito-free, fast.

All-Natural Mosquito Solutions for People & Pets

Safe for the Earth, People & Pets

EverSafe releases a safe, natural scent — made from botanical and plant extracts — that's irresistible to mosquitoes and causes them not to bite. There are no lotions to apply, no messy foggers, sprays or oils, and no DEET. Simply add water, place EverSafe outside, and enjoy the outdoors again.

24/7 Protection
Keeps Mosquitoes Away 24/7

Just one EverSafe unit protects 1/3 of an acre — about the size of an average backyard — for a full week. When the week is up, simply replace the bag or refill your Pyramid unit for continuous protection. In most conditions, EverSafe clears an area of biting mosquitoes in about two hours.

Refillable & Reusable

The EverSafe Pyramid is refillable and recyclable, and requires no batteries or power. Its tough, rugged exterior stands up to the harshest of environments, yet it's small enough to blend in discreetly with your landscaping or yard.

Lab Tested
Lab Tested & Guaranteed

Our all-natural formula is backed by over eight years of research, development, and lab testing. EverSafe works in any and all mosquito conditions, from Florida's swamps to the warm, waterlogged rice paddies of the Philippines.

The Perfect Solution For

Outdoor Spaces
Barns & Stables

How Does It Work?

Mosquitoes Stop Biting

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale, to body heat, and even to bacteria on the skin! EverSafe's natural blend of botanical and plant extracts lures mosquitoes from as far as 100 feet away — and then "jams" their receptors—so they can no longer find (and bite!) people and pets.


Water based, 100% Natural, Safe for the Earth, Lab Tested, Made in the USA.